Monday, July 28, 2008

Keeping Up with other Bloggers by Asking a Question

OK, it has been about a week since I started this blog but I've had zero, count them, zero comments about any of the postings. The EPA is doing so well with their weekly blog question so I thought I'd ask two questions.

These questions are for concerned NE Oklahoma, SE Kansas and SW Missouri residents and the many governmental and scientific researchers from around the country that are working on the Tar Creek Superfund Site, Tri-State Mining District and other environmental issues here in the area.

The good news is you only have to answer one or the other question (the second question is the easy one):

Blog Question 1: In your opinion what are two or three actions every resident of this area can undertake that will help with the environmental crises here in our little corner of the world?

Blog Question 2: How close to the ceiling does a fly get before it flips over and lands? (No fair calculating delays in landings due to being swatted by a swatter or hand-ew, or sprayed by toxic chemicals)

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